ABOUT Bugatti

Bugatti Collection is a e-commerce site that brings together high-quality products. What drives Bugatti Collection is a desire to provide, through our online store, handbags, briefcases and professional accessories whose design and craftsmanship .

For Bugatti Collection, every detail counts. For this reason, we make sure that the exceptional designs and materials used to create each of our brands are meticulously selected. Ultimately, we want to excel and offer high-end products at reasonable prices.

Human beings and the environment are very important to us.

The Bugatti Collection headquarters is located in Quebec and its products are available worldwide. We use ethical standards throughout our supply chain, and apply testing and oversight procedures at every stage of production. Additionally, out of respect for the environment, our offices are located in eco-friendly work spaces. We invest in human resources to ensure efficiency, stimulate participation and create a balanced environment that fosters growth and development. We also encourage community engagement.


Inspired by European aesthetics, bugatti is driven by the passion of its designers and the pride that resides in the age-old continent. Since 1940, the company has endeavoured to break new ground to offer breathtaking bags and accessories, renowned for their design as much as for the exceptional quality of the materials used in their production. With customer satisfaction as one of its core values, bugatti strives to surpass established standards before affixing its signature to a final product.

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